Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Leaving, Part I

Slightly warmer weather made a spur-of-the-moment walk outside bearable, and I spent it wandering streets and thinking.
I hope it's a good sign that everything is going really well just as I'm about to leave the country. This whole semester has been overwhelmingly nice and the past week or so in particular - the conversations, the all-nighters, the quieter nights at home - has made it extra hard to willingly get up and leave Geneseo. I'm hoping that it means I'm not ready to leave this place forever, not yet, and that there's people here who will be happy to have me back.
Friendships have been made and strengthened and weakened this semester, as always, and it continually surprises me how I can feel so attached now to someone who was generally a stranger four months ago. But I guess it should be a comfort...soon, instead of people I see on a regular basis in class or around campus buildings, I'll be seeing new (French!) people, new people to add to a list of mutual attachment.
But still, I hate goodbyes.

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