Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cours compliquees

I rode this tram for the first time yesterday! The first of many, many times. I have to take this lovely light-rail each time I go to school, which is a couple miles away from where I live. I bought the abonnement pour jeunes, basically a monthly pass for students, yesterday with a girl I met at the university and I feel super official now, like I'm really here, really part of the city.

Speaking of school...oof. Yesterday, our orientation, was kinda super confusing. The system to enroll in classes really makes zero sense to me, but now that I've mulled it over for 24 hours it seems to make a little more sense. Basically, to find your courses, you have to walk around to the different departments and stare intensely at this list of courses offered, making sure that they're actually offered this semester and they're for your year. You write a bunch of stuff down and eventually figure out a schedule and start going to said classes, and eventually - like a month later, I think - you register for the final exams so the school knows what you're doing. That could actually all be incorrect, but hopefully I finally kinda know what I'm talking about.

Thus, I couldn't find any classes I wanted for Tuesday (and I'll happily admit it - most of the courses I plan to take are les cours R.I., or courses through international relations adapted for American students) so today I walked around some streets in Montpellier, bought a panini and some fabulous boots (everyone here has fabulous boots! and scarves! and leather jackets).

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