Thursday, April 23, 2009

I've been around.

The address of this blog - the jillsinfrance part specifically - has been a lie for fragments of the past two weeks. I have not been in France. To be more precise, the not-France part of my stay was Prague, Istanbul, and London, and all three were lovely (prague-london was broken up by a lovely stay in Paris with my mom). The point is, though, I was travelling and yes, it was what you'd expect it to be, it was the excited faces people make when you tell them you'll be studying abroad: yes, it was really, really, great. I know this is a travel blog, I know I need to be writing about my travels, but when I try to fit the last fifteen days in one panoramic shot...impossible. There's not enough words, not enough pictures to show you, not enough quirky events to recount to make up for the feeling. And I guess that's the challenge for travel writers: to take that undefinable feeling and describe it, illustrate it, deliver it to an audience of hundreds or thousands. I'll write about the cities soon, promise.

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JustDucky said...

"I do believe it's true,
There are roads left in both of our shoes...". That was one of the best vacations of my 55 years of life.