Friday, March 13, 2009

How is France real.

So for a few weeks the professors of all the university-led courses were on strike (though I take courses at the university, it's through the international student department, so mine went on as usual), then the students blockaded the doors to all the buildings (seriously, I have not seen a single one untouched, and there are a whole lot of doors) with chairs, desks, benches, etc. and plastered the campus with posters that read, "Paul Valéry en grève!" and today, when I thought there wasn't anything more they could do, I tried to get on campus for my politics class and the entryway was closed. The whole campus was just closed off to the outside world.

Supposedly, the night before there was rioting with the students (or homeless people? I head that too, I don't know) and the president of the school ordered the campus closed for the day, and for the blockade to end. So, supposedly on Monday things will resume as usual...not that anything has been usual around here.

So after finding a makeshift classroom in a building down the road, learning about things like the Dreyfus Affair and Emile Zola and the French print media, I celebrated the ridiculous French university system by sitting in a park for a few hours, with some friends, some cheese, and a baguette. Ahh, la vie française.

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