Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Comment on dit...

I feel like in between trying to translate everything in my thoughts and words from English to french and back again, I'm forgetting what I'm actually trying to say. I feel like I can't remember the right way certain tenses of English verbs go, and I stare at words I've written, wondering if it makes sense. Twenty years of one language and I feel like a beginner again.
And french can come and go just as easily. If I wake up and check my e-mail and the myriad of English-language, time-sucking Web sites at my disposal, I can hardly walk outside and respond to a simple question in French, or ask my host mom how she's doing.

But in any case, there's no longer time to think about things like this (see? I feel like my sentences are awkwardly over-formal or something) because the sun is shining, and I've got two hours before my translation class to lay outside.

Oh, and I went to the Dali museum in Figueres on Sunday, it was really cool. Dali designed certain works for the museum especially and the whole place is just a surreal haven of his ridiculousness. Seriously, one of the coolest artists ever. And the famous picture of the melted clocks, "The Persistance of Memory," was there on loan from the MoMA, another one of my favorite museums. I'll put up pictures soon!

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megaphone said...

Hey you! I just caught up on the past few posts--the language transition sounds frustrating, but I know you'll get the hang of it. As far as French changing your written English, I think it could change it for the better (not to say that it isn't wonderful to begin with)! Just think about what you can take from French back into your English writing; those French always have tricks up their sleeves, and I'm sure you'll pick up on them and have a one-up on us monolingual heathens before long.

:) Meg