Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Smelled like spring again

1. I saw these firemen (pompiers) on strike today at the Place de la Comedie, which is Montpellier's main pedestrian square. France has strikes a lot, so I guess these guys were feeling relaxed about it: I guess they figured their truck (grève means strike) spoke for itself, so they took a couple of cafe tables & chairs to just soak up the day.

2. I felt put-together-ish today, so I took a picture to commemmorate. Also, it was sunny for the first time in four days, thank god, which meant I could ditch my yellow coat (not going to lie, it was starting to get to a permanently-damp, wet-dog-smelling status) and stroll the streets exactly as pictured. I didn't have class today, so I went to the train station to book some travel for my break in two weeks, and then to take advantage of the very last of the soldes (think Black Friday stretched out for a month) to build up my chic French wardrobe. So yeah, not really the most intellectually stimulating day, but I did read some of The Adventures of TinTin to take in a little french. The only thing that has stuck so far is the phrase "Mille sabords!" which I think is an old-fashioned, nicer way of saying "Merde!"

3. This is a photo from the Mare Nostrum aquarium of Montpellier. I went this Saturday with two friends and it was really good! There were penguins, and jellyfish, and fish, and coral, and I just love aquariums, and how dark and calm they feel.

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I like your photos!